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Jean-Baptiste Zorg
Actor Gary Oldman
First Seen The Fifth Element
Seen In The Fifth Element
Last Seen The Fifth Element
Name Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
Status Deceased
Job Business Owner
Kill count Several

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg is the main antagonist of The Fifth Element. He was the head of a major corporation, and the inventor of various weapons and devices.

He was also known as the "Love Gangster" in the American film adaption.



Zorg death

Zorg moments before his death.

Zorg was forced to re-enter the Fhloston Paradise cruise ship after realizing he had not actually stolen the Stones from Korben O Dallas. He de-activated a bomb he had planted, only to find a Mangalore bomb, which detonated several seconds after it was revealed to Zorg. The bomb destroyed the entire ship and vaporised Zorg himself.

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