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The Mangalores are a scattered warrior race that are considered savage brutes by other races. They are hired by Zorg to help the The Great Evil.

Only 'male' mangalores are shown, though they are shown to be able to take the form of women just as easily as men. It is unknown what female mangalores look like, or even if the mangalores are simply a mono-gendered species.

Mangalores are rather ugly creatures (see Nikki for example) and mainly use projectile weapons, like rifles and pistols.


A mangalore with his rifle.

Mangalores have a unique ability to shapeshift any part of their bodies, which is useful as a means of infiltration, though technology exists that can pierce the disguise, as shown when a pair of Mangalores try to disguise themselves as Korben Dallas and another passenger. The ability was also shown to be faltering in the one masquerading as Dallas, as his face would periodically contort itself and his voice remained unchanged.

Mangalores also tend to hire themselves out as mercenaries, having earned a reputation as soldiers-for-hire that are willing (or simply stupid enough) to accept exceptionally dangerous missions.

Aknot is the leader of the Mangalores, who is injured in an explosion when one of the Mangalores presses the red button on a gun Zorg gave them, prompting them to seek revenge. Aknot was shot in the head by Dallas, and his second in command, Akanit, blew himself up with a bomb to kill Zorg.

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