A sexy V.I.P stewardess with white dyed hair and blue eye shadow make up working on the space shuttle to Fhloston Paradise in Capsule Bay Zone 2, with the job to put the passengers to sleep. It can be assumed that she was trying to do this to radio celebrate Ruby Rhod; however, he had another idea, especially when she seemed to be the only one working in Zone 2. She was pulled into a luggage storage cabin closed by a curtain where she have sex with Ruby Rhod, like many women she had a secret crush on the Celebrity but didn't want sex this suddenly while working. By the time the Captain called to ask if everything was ready, Ruby had already stripped off her uniform skirt and underwear and he had already started to lick her vagina so she tried to resist his further aggressive sexual advances and penetration attempts with lines like "Mr. Rhod, you're going to have to assume your individual position," to which he responded, "I don't want one position, I want all positions!" moving back to her vagina so fast that she could not react in time as he started performing oral sex in her vagina, making her gasp.

Throughout the takeoff scene, despite letting out passionate gasps, moans, and lapping up his lie of never having sex with a human before, she tried her best to resist Ruby's seductive acts (oral sex in her vagina and on her tits, thrusting her so much that her hat falls off, not that Ruby cared, ripping apart the zipper on the back of her uniform and ripping her bra) but after a while, she gave in (her legs are seen sticking straight out of the cabin's curtain, implying more sexual activity) and screams in ecstasy and pleasure (as Ruby continues to suck on her breasts and maybe does more to her). Afterwards, her legs can be seen returning to the cabin's original position, implying that she temporarily passed out in pleasure after Ruby triggered her orgasm. It's unknown if she and Ruby had sex the entire trip or simply at that specific moment; (However, in the script, it's assumed they did have sex during some of the trip and rested for the rest of it because once they arrived at Fhloston Paradise, she and Ruby tried to straighten themselves and their clothing, despite her uniform zipper being ripped in half. And when she was about to say how much she enjoyed it and admit her feeling for him, Ruby shushed her and then leaves her still nude and with the wet filed vagina in the cabin alone and sighing). The scene has been removed when the film is shown on TV during the daytime due to its graphic nature.

Quotes Edit

- "Uhh? Yeah, everything's ready Captain." (she responds to the the captain while holding Ruby down as he performs oral sex in her vagina)

- "Mr. Rhod! (He gets up to face her) You're going to have to assume your individual position." (to which he replies, "I don't want one position, I want all positions!")

- "(shocked) Oh!!! Mister Rhod! No!!!" (Ruby quickly goes back down on her and she moans a little saying no as she is too late in fending him off from having oral sex in her vagina, covering her mouth with her hand)

- "(panting) Ahh! Mister Rhod!!! Oh! (feels pleasure, smiling as Ruby tells her to call him by his first name and then goes back down on her) Oh.... (smiling again, lets Ruby continue as it feels good)

- "(panting) Really?" (Responding to Ruby's lie of never having felt this way with a human, she smiles for the third time at Ruby's flattery as her will to resist weakens further)

- ( moaning) "Not there! No please, not there! Oh no! No please not there! (gasps) No, please! No! Ahhh!!!!!!" (Ruby starts ripping apart her uniform and undoing her bra to suck on her breasts, making her hat fall off as she struggles to resist, holding her breath with her hand for a short minute, as this seems to be her weakest spot and knowing that it will trigger an orgasm if he continues further)

- HAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! (screams in pleasure as Ruby performs oral sex on her breast and seemingly does more to her. This triggers her orgasm as her legs retreat back into the cabin)

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The Fifth Element (1997) Takeoff Scene 1080p

The Fifth Element (1997) Takeoff Scene 1080p