A stewardess on the cruise ship; she works in zone 2 putting the people to sleep. It can be assumed she was trying to do this to Ruby Rhod, however he seemed to have another idea. She was seduced and had sex with Ruby Rhod while aboard. She tried to resist Ruby's aggressive sexual advances with lines like "Mr. Rhod, you're gonna have to assume your individual position," to which he responded "I don't want one position, I want all positions." Throughout the takeoff scene she tried to resist but after a while gave in to Ruby and screamed in pleasure. The scene has been removed when the film is shown on TV during the daytime.


- "Huh, yeah, everything is ready, Captain"

- "Mr. Rhod, you're gonna have to assume your individual position"

- "(panting) Oh! Mr Rhod! Oh! Oh!"

- Ruby: "Swear, Swear I haven't felt this way before... with a human."

Stewardess: "Really?"

Mr Rhod (unsure) "Yeah!"

- (moaning) "Not there! No, please. No, oh please not there! (gasp) Oh please! No!!"

- (scream in pleasure)

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